Athlone Institute of Technology Live Action Video – A Case Study

Athlone Institute of Technology Live Action Video – A Case Study

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Early in 2017, Athlone Institute of Technology approached 3Ms and commissioned a series of live action video pieces covering several topics: Life on campus, International students, Research at AIT, and Corporate. The aim of the life on campus and international videos is to promote AIT as a great place to study both for Irish natives and international students. The research video will highlight AIT’s research hub and the exciting work taking place there, while the corporate video will focus on the business side of the college which is to be aimed at other business entities.


With the brief established, the 3Ms team got in touch with Cave Media, the in house design department at AIT. For the duration of the project, the 3Ms team were to work closely with Cave, who would be our guide on campus. Their job included arranging the availability of interviewees, student ambassadors and lecture halls, and instructing us on the most important things to capture for the videos.

Both the showreel video and the international students video are aimed at potential AIT students, so these were prioritised to be completed by september and the start of the academic year.

Usually on live action video shoots the team conduct the interviews first and then capture cutaways relevant to the content covered by the interview. On the first day of shooting, the 3Ms team captured all the interviews for the international students video. A classroom was booked for the day where most of the interviews were conducted, with a few others taking place elsewhere on campus just for variation.

Based on what the interviewees mentioned, the team set about getting cutaways for the video. For example one of the topics covered by the questions was clubs and social activities, so the team went to the student union social hub area to capture some video of various activities such as pool, table tennis and also just students enjoying the social surroundings.

The nature of the life on campus video is such that a lot of cutaways taken for the other videos could be used for it. The 3Ms team had this in mind when filming so that a single shoot could cover scenes for several videos. This meant that no time was wasted retracing steps.

Many cutaways required students to be on camera engaged in social activity or in the learning environment. AIT have a dedicated group of students, called student ambassadors, who they call upon to appear in promotional material for the college across all media. Cave Media organised for the presence of several ambassadors to appear in these shots, and 3ms also asked the international students to appear in some of them to complement the interview material.

In learning environments such as the engineering workshops and the design studios, students from the relevant courses were filmed at work. The 3Ms team also captured video of the campus grounds, including aerial shots of the faculty buildings which were achieved using a remote controlled drone. In all there have been 3 days of filming on the project to date.

Once the shoots were complete, the footage for both videos was edited back at our studio. Graphics for the intro and lower thirds were created by one of our animators using the AIT brand colours. Our editing team selected music in keeping with the feel for the videos.


The two videos which have been completed to date have been very well received and are in use on AIT’s YouTube page for promotion of the college. The team here at 3Ms are eager to get started on the two remaining videos and are currently in talks with AIT to establish when they will be ready for the shoots to go ahead.