An Irish Animation Studio

Our skilled animators are at the top of their field with years of experience in both 2D & 3D animation as well as motion graphic design. Our artistic backgrounds in design and animation breathe life into our animated videos, and allow us to create anything from stylised 2D cartoon characters to realistic 3D environments for whatever your need.

Our Services

Pre Production

The initial stage is consultation. Consultation governs our research and the client’s needs are assessed. We develop a script if required, followed by a detailed storyboard. After feedback is received and amendments are made if required, the schedule of production is agreed.


Overseen by our Art Director and working closely to the storyboard, our animators proceed with asset generation and animation using state of the art software. If required, voiceover is recorded in-house or by an external voice actor. This is used by our animators for timing purposes.

Post Production

The animated scenes are compiled and edited under the guidance of our chief editor. Music, voiceover and sound effects are added as required. Responding to the client’s input on the first draft, the final high resolution version is sent to the client for distribution.

Types of Animation

2D Animation

High End 2D

3D Animation


explainer videos - Typography


User Interface

Why Animation?

We at 3Ms love live action video, but there are some things that can be portrayed better through animation. With animation the impossible becomes possible. We can make you a video no matter how outlandish the setting or scenario, and we can do this all without ever leaving our studio.

Maybe you want a realistic 3D video explaining an otherwise complex product or service, be it linear or 360 degrees.

How about a clean and simple 2D explainer video to get your message across in the most efficient way possible?

Or maybe you want an instructional video for your customers on how to operate a user interface. With our animation techniques we can digitise your user interface and show your users how to interact with your software in a far more clear, dynamic and engaging way than screen capture ever could.

Whatever your needs, contact us now to see how we can provide content that connects.


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