Content Marketing for business

What we do in Content Marketing

1 Website Traffic – An analysis of website traffic to your site through Google Analytics including users, referrals, page views and average duration on your website.

website traffic

2Keyword Search – Advising on and ensuring that the relevant keywords are being used and monitoring and reviewing their performance in Google’s search engine.

keyword search

3Social Media Management – Managing social media accounts and creating campaigns for targeted audiences. Reporting on such campaigns and giving feedback on a monthly basis.

facebook campaign

4Blogging – Researching, writing and publishing blogs on your website and incorporating Search Engine Optimisation. This builds a connection with customers increasing traffic to your site.

blogging increases traffic


Step 1: Strategy Formulation

step 1 - strategy formulation-01-01

Step 2: Creation

step 2 - content creation-01-01

Step 3: Distribution

step 3 - content distribution-01-01

Step 4: Management & Optimisation


step 4 - management and optimisation-01-01-01

Step 5: Analysis

step 5 - analysis-01-01

Step 6: Review with Client

step 6 - review with client-01-01


Increases Traffic

SEO allows greater index/visibility in search engines increasing traffic to your online channels leading greater exposure for your business.

Builds Relationships

Creative content engages the customer, which helps establish stronger relationships with them

Expert in your Field

Quality content educates the reader. Customers will see you as an expert in your field and they are more likely to return

Did you know that 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that deliver custom content? (Pamorama)

Here at MakinMediaMobile, we have a dedicated Content Marketing Team that will create strategies to improve your company’s online presence. We offer a variety of content marketing packages  tailored to suit your business needs, from SME to corporate.


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