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  • Video the language of the future

    A FEW NUMBERS ON CURRENT VIEWING TRENDS Have a read of this report just out from Google ‘HOW PEOPLE USE THIER DEVICES’, Now video itself is not new. However, it’s application for business is posing new opportunities for marketers. Consumer appetite for video is only going to increase. In today’s online jungle, a website with […]

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  • More award winning!

    Fantastic to see a client who we helped, Mobility Mojo, collect a major national award. Mobility Mojo, a peer review app for reduced mobility users. It helps users find and then share up-to-date information about wheelchair accessible facilities  in Dublin. Sharing in a prize fund for Social enterprise and claiming a place on a Start-Up accelerator […]

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  • Video killed the….

    MakinMediaMobile provide a professional video strategy for innovative businesses and with the continued growth of mobile devices globally, we are here to assist companies who want to capitalise on this phenomena. From our experience we can see how production of video as a resource is not enough. To realise the full extent of video media you […]

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  • Behavioural Targeting…Maximising the reach of your message

    In their 2011 white paper on the topic of ‘behavioural targeting’ the authors, Chen and Stallaert identify this area of online advertising as doubling in the last three years combined with the fact ‘when it comes to users’ intent to click on an advertisement, the results are even more staggering: experiments have shown that click-through rates […]

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  • Happy Birthday MakinMediaMobile

    Thunderbirds are go!!! This blog is not so much about technology but a little pat on the back for my colleague, Dermot and I. Pour quoi you may ask? MakinMediaMobile has made it through Year One intact and even better the outlook is rosy! To start with we were three but one of our colleagues departed […]

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  • Video for Export

    Sometimes it takes a while before business recognises the advantages that are available through technology. Early adopters aside, it takes a while to get the majority on board. With MakinMediaMobile’s help you can become and early adopter in regards to use of video to be viewed on smartphone or mobile devices.Through the use of a […]

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  • You might be wondering what animation for business can actually do ?

    Since the dawn of writing, communications has relied on illustration of some form to convey imagery to its audience. The Egyptians and the wonderful hieroglyphics on their tombs or the ancient Celtic manuscripts illuminated by the monks back in the early Christian years. Where did we all go wrong? Mobile communications rely more on animation […]

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  • What is Branding?

    Last week I discussed ‘the cloud’, an entirely new concept in computing. This week I want to chat about ‘the brand’ and what it means to small businesses. So what exactly is this Brand thing? Like it or not a company’s brand permeates throughout the company, from time keeping of the staff to the quality […]

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  • Cloud Computing

    There is a revolution happening as we speak, the migration to ‘cloud’ computing is taking place. Arguably more important than the Internet Revolution of the 20th century, in terms of impact on all our lives. While in the first decade of this century, the bigger players jostled for market position, how business is done is […]

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